Why I don’t carry brand name mattresses.

In John's Blog by Becky McKenzie

Why I don’t carry brand name mattresses.

Why I design my own.

The sleep industry today is promoting 2 things that I think are foolish.

  1. “You need to have a good night’s sleep” implying that if you buy our mattresses that’s what will happen.
  2. “15+ years warranty”.

#1. I know I’m not the brightest crayon in the box but I do know if I don’t have a decent night’s sleep I’m snarky (my wife’s term) and not performing at my best. Do I really need somebody to tell me to “get a good night’s sleep”? Have we really given up all common sense and need this sage advice?

#2.  This is the one that really gets me. The warranties are “visible height loss” warranties. Here’s why this is a scam. We’ve all sat on a couch that the cushion is shot. Sit down and your knees are at eyeball level, the cushion has lost all its ability to hold you up, it hasn’t however lost any height. So how is this a warranty when it’s almost impossible to make the mattress lose the 1.5-2” of height?

I gave up on mainstream mattresses years ago but I still continue to look at them in the hopes that maybe they actually will produce something that would live up to my standards. In researching this article I find it interesting that they don’t actually tell you the warranties, you have to contact a retailer to find the fine print, and they don’t/won’t tell you what quality of foams they are using.

At John’s I make it simple to see what you’re actually getting in both warranty and quality.

Our warranties are simple they are 5 years prorated on most of our mattresses, 10 years prorated on our latex mattresses and here’s the fine print. Warranties cover excessive softening. Some softening is normal and unavoidable. The latex mattress Lynn and I use every day is now about 5 years old and is a king size. There is no visible hump in the mattress; there is however a small hill in the center as you roll across the mattress. This is normal softening.

In our mattresses we use only foams that are made in Canada or the U.S. All our foams either meet or exceed CertiPUR-US® standards. This is one of the highest standards in the industry today. That means safe, clean mattresses for you and your family. Our Talalay Latex mattresses contain the best, cleanest latex we can get. 92% pure latex by volume makes this one of the premier products in the market. Our foams have never been compacted either, many mattresses come machine rolled into a box way to small. This damages the mattress.

Our mattresses are simple with very few components. Simple is better less components to fail, most of our mattresses are zippered so that on the rare occasion a component fails it can be easily replaced without buying a whole new mattress.  This construction also allows for us to be able to build your mattress differently from side to side. If you’d like firmer/softer than your partner this is easy to do and at no extra charge.

All our mattresses are flippable, this means longer life (as compared to no flip mattresses).

Finally as with all our products it’s never on sale. Just a great price every day! No pressure, no gimmicks, take your time, ask your questions and once you’re received your new mattress if you find you’re not comfortable talk to us, we can change it. Purchase a new mattress protector from us, keep the mattress clean and odor free and if you’re not comfortable just call me and you and I will find a way to get you comfortable.