Talalay Latex Toppers


Talalay Latex Toppers

This latex is 92% sap from a rubber tree – as natural as it gets! Harvested from sustainably run plantations and made in Sri Lanka, it has all the durability, breath-ability, support, and microbe-free properties you need in a good night’s sleep. Available in two or three inches for your perfect comfort level.

Why Latex?

As a consumer in today’s marketplace I strive to purchase products that are made as close to home as I can get, items that are cleaner and greener, always with an eye on value. With over a quarter of a century in the sleep industry I’ve seen thousands of mattress fails and very few wins. One of those wins is good quality, natural, pure, Talalay latex which I get from Talalay Global (TG) who in my opinion produces the best product.

Here is a partial quote straight from TG on quality and purity:
“Our Talalay Natural is the best latex being offered on today’s market. Our Talalay all natural formulation is made from 100% natural latex from the rubber tree and the only other properties added is needed for the vulcanization process. No latex foam in the market is completely made of all natural ingredients. All latex rubber needs additional sulfur, zinc oxide, and vulcanizing agents to be made into a usable form. TG also uses a natural, mineral reinforcing agent to improve the strength and durability of the product. On a volume basis, this material is less than 10% of the latex foam make up. Latex used is all natural latex. The product is washed after the vulcanization process to remove residual residues.”

Talalay vs. Memory foam.
Of the top four mattress companies in the US, one spends more in annual advertising than the other 3 combined, and this company only makes memory foam beds. This is why we see so much hype about memory foam. While memory foam seems to be good at relieving pressure, it actually only works one dimension – you sink into it until you hit the firmer surface underneath. Latex is two-dimensional: it supports you while reducing pressure. At John’s our latex mattresses have a 6” medium and/or firm base (and yes, we can build you a mattress that is firm on one side and medium on the other) with a 3” soft latex topper. This combination gives you the best of both worlds – supportive, and pressure relieving.

Latex doesn’t sleep hot.
“Too hot” is the biggest complaint I hear about memory foam. Memory foam requires body heat to collapse the foam cell structure in order to conform to your body curves; this collapse prevents air flow and traps body heat. This same process also creates a crater where you sleep, when you turn over the feeling is like rolling uphill leaving a hole behind. I’ve had many people tell me they wake up exhausted from this process. TG Latex is seven times more breathable than memory foam.

Talalay latex is healthier.
Our Talalay latex is harvested from rubber trees that create an inherently hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, mold and mildew resistant sleep environment that doesn’t off-gas like as memory foams can.

Latex lasts longer
I have a sample of latex that was in a client’s favorite chair for 50 years and is still in pretty good shape (better shape than me at 50 )! Latex from TG has been proven to last 20 times more than leading memory foam.

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