Foam Mattresses

After years of research, trials, and tears, we finally came to the conclusion here at John’s Bedroom Barn that no-flip mattresses don’t work. It may be the comfiest mattress in the world, it may be made of the most durable materials, but the fact is that your body creates wear night after night in the same place. Any mattress that you can’t flip to change where it’s being worn is going to fail sooner than it should – especially if it has soft foam on the top.

That’s why we are delighted to bring you the Pacific mattress series, designed especially by us in conjunction with BFF Foam in Vancouver, and exclusive to John’s Bedroom Barn. Every Pacific mattress comes in a two piece system, a comfort layer and a mattress core that was created to be 100% flippable. With luxurious stretch fabric coverings, finally the comfort of a pillow top mattress can be yours in a form that will last.

We encourage you to come in to the store and visit our foam shop to find the mattress with the perfect feel for you!

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